Food Security at Stirling


rachel-norman-profile-pictureBy Rachel Norman, Chair of Aquatic Food Security, University of Stirling

Providing enough safe and nutritious food for a globally expanding population in the light of climate change and limited resources is a serious challenge which needs to be addressed over the next few years. Continue reading

Universities key to future-proofing industry

scottBy Scott Sinclair, Managing Director, CeeD

We are surrounded by debate on Brexit and recognise that this will have an impact on all of our lives.  We are not though, in direct control of this outcome, and it may be some time before we have clarity.  We are however in control of the strategic planning process within our own businesses, and in this respect we need to continue to act and develop our plans, including tapping into our universities more often. Continue reading

Rarebird takes flight after print collaboration


By Paulette Brough, Founder, Rarebird

This week to celebrate the Year of Innovation, Architecture and Design, we caught up with Paulette Brough, founder of Stornoway-based Harris Tweed accessory maker Rarebird, to hear more about her collaboration with Glasgow School of Art and the benefits it has brought to her business.

Continue reading

University plus business equals mutual success

By Dr Natalie Coull, Lecturer, Division of Computing and Mathematics, University of Abertay

Interface helps connect businesses to academic expertise to develop products, services and improve processes. In our regular blog we feature both businesses and academics who have collaborated on a variety of projects.

Dr Natalie Coull is one of a small group of academics at Abertay University which partnered with Droman Crime Solutions and Police Scotland to develop a “serious game” to help police tackle cybercrime.

We decided to find out a bit more about Dr Coull, her inspirations and what she sees are the benefits of business-academic partnerships. Continue reading

Wheel of fortune for recycling week


Photo courtesy of Jonathan Littlejohn

As this is national Recycle Week, we decided to upcycle some of our blogs. Each month we ask a business Interface has connected with academic expertise a few questions about their company and what they achieved from working with academics. Here we have picked out a few answers which give a valuable insight into the world of business-academic collaborations… Continue reading

Rhiannon ’baaaaa’gs the job in Highlands and Islands

By Rhiannon Merritt, Business Engagement Executive, Interface

When did you start at Interface and where did you work before?
I joined the Interface team in April from VisitScotland, as one of their Industry Relationship Managers where I was supporting businesses within the tourism industry. Continue reading

Collaboration reaches new depths












By Dr Katherine Simpson, ATLAS Project Manager, Heriot-Watt University

British scientists and their industry partners are leading a mission to reveal the secrets of the deep Atlantic Ocean.
The ATLAS project – involving 24 research institutions around Europe and North America – will spend four years studying the deep sea, exploring unknown ecosystems and measuring the changing ocean currents that affect our climate. The project, funded by the EU Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme, will explore some of the remarkably diverse ecosystems – gathering samples and filming creatures at ocean depths of many kilometres. Continue reading