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Rarebird takes flight after print collaboration


By Paulette Brough, Founder, Rarebird

This week to celebrate the Year of Innovation, Architecture and Design, we caught up with Paulette Brough, founder of Stornoway-based Harris Tweed accessory maker Rarebird, to hear more about her collaboration with Glasgow School of Art and the benefits it has brought to her business.

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Go back to the future with innovation


By Devon McHugh, Relationships & Partnerships Development Manager, Museums Galleries Scotland

Museums are some of Scotland’s most important and popular visitor attractions: a recent survey found that for nearly half of all visitors to Glasgow, seeing a museum was a primary driver for their trip. Offering a better experience for our visitors, and encouraging these visits to grow, is central to the development work of every museum.
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Build a business from your kitchen table

Sooz Chirino

Sooz Chirino, Founder of Sansooz, will be sharing her journey of collaboration with academics at the Scottish Knowledge Exchange Awards in February.

What inspired you to set up your own business?

I would often hear on the news of a pedestrian or cyclist being knocked down and killed. I realised that darkness and poor visibility were often amongst the contributing factors. Adults and children (as young as five) are fashion conscious and tend not to wear anything to make them visible at night to drivers. This led to the light bulb moment – if I could make reflective clothing items fashionable and stylish then people would be more likely to wear them. So now with SanSooz products; you can Be Safe; Be Seen; & Be Stylish. Continue reading

Breaking barriers


Following the brief respite (relatively speaking) of the summer months, September always brings an upswing in activity at Interface as our calendar fills up with numerous events and meetings.  Last week – with my Creative Industries hat on – I was lucky enough to attend the launch of the Technology Strategy Board’s “Creative Industries Strategy: 2013-16″ at the somewhat showbiz venue of BAFTA, London.

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