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Connecting the Dots

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Dr Kate Adamson is a trainee patent attorney at Marks & Clerk. She has been training with Marks & Clerk since 2012 and previously worked as a physicist and engineer in the defence and telecoms industries.

In this blog post, she gives some of her thoughts on intellectual property (IP) in collaborations.  Continue reading

Brewing success in Shetland

Kjol at Shetland Harbour

By Silke Reeploeg, Staff Researcher with the Centre for Nordic Studies, University of the Highlands and Islands

Earlier this year the University of the Highlands and Islands received funding from the Scottish Funding Council Innovation Voucher Scheme to collaborate with the Lerwick Brewery in Shetland on a research and knowledge transfer project.  The aim of the project was to develop an ‘events range’ of beers to coincide with local events on Scotland’s northernmost island group.  Sounds good right?  The result was a fantastic, limited edition, beer inspired by the annual ‘Bergen-Shetland’ yacht race, which was launched during the race June. Continue reading

Do you know your intellectual property?

Umbrellas shutterstock_240725566

By David Goodbrand, Partner in the IP & Commercial team at leading Scottish law firm Burness Paull

‘Intellectual Property’, ‘Intangible Assets’, ‘Intellectual Capital’ … SMEs might be forgiven for being rather daunted by the variety of terms that are used to describe, what are often, key business assets.

However, Intellectual Property (IP) is basically an umbrella term used to describe a range of legal rights that attach to certain types of information and ideas, and to their particular forms of expression. Continue reading