Active Gate

Active Gate's Local i Guide in action

Active Gate is an interactive website that brings local businesses together to provide tourist information for visitors to the Borders and Fife.

Their interactive website acts as a one-stop-shop for visitors, not only providing information on activities but also suggestions on where to eat out, which is the best butcher or deli, where’s the best gift shop as well as more practical information such as parking, doctors, dentists and all of the associated details.

Active Gate wanted to be recognised as a hub for local businesses, supporting them to get their messages out and also streamlining and simplifying the visitor experience for potential tourists.

Lacking the necessary in-house expertise they approached Interface – The online connection for business to see what external support was available to help them to develop their marketing strategy.

Interface worked with Active Gate to translate their needs into a working brief and approached the most relevant academic institutions who would be able to provide the most relevant support.

Active Gate owner, Amanda Pickford, said; “Interface were a great support throughout the entire process. Interface is an excellent resource available for businesses like Active Gate.”

Having met with a number of Universities they decided that the University of Abertay would be the most suitable support institution and created a student led project allowing them to work with 150 Business Studies students.

Jason Turner from the University of Abertay, Dundee Business School commented, “We were delighted to work with Active Gate. The project proved to be an ideal opportunity to form part of our student assignment opportunities.”

The students were challenged to develop an internet marketing campaign for Active Gate’s planned expansion into tourism services, and then pitch this directly to the company.

The challenge directly mirrored working as a small marketing company in a commercial environment, having to respond to a client brief and produce a tailored pitch to secure a contract.

Jason Turner added; “Going from studying management or marketing in a text book to running a project and pitching to a real company is an incredible experience. We’re indebted to Interface for providing such high-quality business links for our students to apply themselves to.”

Amanda Pickford was delighted with the response from the student teams, she said: “I have been most impressed with the work taken on by the students. Their commitment to the project has been quite considerable, which far surpassed my expectations.”

The project has made such a significant impact on Active Gate resulting in the company employing two of the students and launching a new website. Amanda concluded; “Without this help from Interface and the University of Abertay I would not have developed my ideas into a business and have plans for rapid growth over the next 3 years.”