Gaia Wind

Gaia Wind's Self Raising Tower in action

Already renowned for the reliability of their flagship G-W 133 turbine, Gaia-Wind recognised the market requirement for a wind - diesel system (combination of a wind turbine and diesel generator) for locations requiring electricity which are not attached to the electricity supply (off grid situations).  The wind - diesel system needed to be economically viable and easily linked up to the existing systems.

Realising they needed academic assistance in order to test the feasibility of their proposed wind-diesel model, they approached their account manager at SE, who then introduced them to Interface – the knowledge connection for business, whose access to academic research facilities at the University of Edinburgh would prove them the ideal collaborative partner.

Quality Assurance

With this collaboration allowing them to successfully develop their G-W 133 wind-diesel system, Gaia Wind continues to dominate the world in this class.  The model’s large ‘swept area’ of 133 sq m means it produces more energy than competitors, thus displacing retail purchase and generating customer incomes quicker than competitors.

The company are constantly seeking ways to optimise their system to boost their customers return on investment. Recent adaptations include altering the system’s electronic set up to allow for single phase power ensuring that the turbine can be more readily utilised in rural locations where single phase systems are common.

This product development has been industry tested internationally by bodies such as RISO in Denmark (HP Certificate), TUV-NEL and BRE in the United Kingdom, Class NK in Japan, NRL in the USA and is MCS Accredited.

Continued fine tuning of their product along with meticulous quality assurance last year secured for them their membership of the Danish Microgeneration Certification Scheme. This Accreditation ensures that customers receive the government’s environmental bonus as well as receiving market price for the electricity produced whilst also being able to take advantage of tax breaks on new capital purchases.

Continued Product Innovation

Last year saw the company again spot an opportunity to develop their product to suit their rural market-this time in terms of delivery and installation. This latest innovation, the ‘Self Raising Tower’ is built around a new hinged and motorised tower that makes the G-W 133 the largest small wind turbine (rotor diameter) that can be installed without heavy machinery. This means far easier traverse over variable terrain in order to reach the sites yielding best value, and then more efficient construction when on site.

Gaia Wind are a supreme example of innovation that can be applied in a range of areas – both nationally and internationally - and weather conditions to successfully harness wind power.

As CEO Johnnie Andringa explains, “At Gaia-Wind we are committed to innovation and development. The new motorised tower has a range of applications: As we expanded our exports worldwide, we originally developed it to enable our Caribbean and Pacific Island based turbines to withstand extreme winds. But in the UK for example, many rural sites have steep slopes or muddy fields where heavy equipment might get stuck: This can lead to expensive turbine installations, or the disappointment of not being able to install at all.”

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