12 February 2020

Edinburgh & Lothians

Venue: Scottish Enterprise Office Building, Apex House, 99 Haymarket Terrace, Edinburgh

Time: 10:00 to 13:00

Data, data everywhere – can you make it work for you? 

Do you know what data you need to analyse in order to improve your line productivity? 

Have you thought of digitisation technologies to improve engagement with your consumers? 

Would you like mathematical modelling demystified so you can use it to make decisions? 

Do you need to predict scenarios with confidence?

This FREE event is aimed at food and drink businesses at all stages of development from vibrant early stage enterprises through to established manufacturing SMEs. With follow up support from the Make Innovation Happen Team, this event is designed to inspire you to consider where, how and when you can make data and data-based technologies work for your food and drink business. 

Algorithms, blockchain, mathematical modelling, machine learning, artificial intelligence… all are processes and technologies that can be daunting for SMEs in the food and drink sector but we are increasingly seeing the emergence of food businesses tapping into food service or direct to the consumer markets through back of house ICT solutions that can intelligently target customers for repeat purchases and bespoke late customisation of products. Equally, food and drink manufacturing businesses need to be able to predict scenarios for production and for enabling consumers to engage with their food provenance. As a result, data related technologies have a role to play in predicting new or variable opportunities and have a place in confident stockpiling and production scheduling as solutions to smart tracking through the supply chain. Importantly, they are critical in extending the provenance experience to the consumer who may be geographically remote from the point of production.

Data analytics is just another core tool for those outward looking businesses with a focus on growth and is key to smart decision making and engagement with customers and consumers. It’s time to demystify the perception that data and digital technologies are only for large enterprises! Whether you are the business owner, the production manager or have responsibility for consumer engagement this event is for you.

Make Innovation Happen has invited inspiring speakers from your industry and academia to share insights on how your business can gain an advantage through data analytics. Our three speakers, including a case study from Borders Distillery, will guide attendees through available expertise and resources. The event provides an excellent networking opportunity with fellow SMEs.