Alistair Cameron is the CEO of Scotmas Group, a leading water treatment and environmental technology business based in the Scottish Borders, and specialising in “new generation” biocides such as chlorine dioxide. Scotmas has business operations in Europe, the Middle East, India and Chile with clients as diverse as international oil companies, municipal drinking water providers, healthcare providers, and food and agriculture companies.

An experienced manager and founding member of the business, Alistair has been at the forefront of efforts to commercialise Scottish water technologies. Scotmas Group has used the latest research to develop new ways of controlling harmful bacteria for industrial water treatment and drinking water.

As a microbiology graduate from the University of Edinburgh, Alistair’s scientific background has helped to create a company which values innovation and scientific knowledge as key areas for business success. Alistair is currently the supervisor for two knowledge transfer partnership research projects, as well as overseeing various academic contract research projects and partnerships with European universities.

Alistair was delighted to be able to join the Interface board, and help to promote the interests of Scotland’s dynamic SME segment, who rely on academic partnerships to help them drive forward innovation and stay competitive against increasing global competition.