Jo Bissett smiling at camera

Jo Bisset is the co-founder of WEB Rigging Services Ltd. The company developed, patented and commercialised WEB Deck which is an alternative to suspended scaffolding.

Jo founded WEB Rigging in 2006 with the view of developing products using tensioned wire rope systems. The first key product was WEB Deck which can effectively replace suspended scaffolding delivering up to 80% time savings. The first WEB Deck system was delivered on site in 2010, with the product gaining traction in many markets including: civil infrastructure; marine; refineries and power stations and offshore oil and gas.

The company went on to utilise the same underlying engineering and technology to deliver additional products outwith the underdeck access market.

Jo has previously set up and run two other companies as part of her extensive entrepreneurial background.

The experience Jo has gained in setting up and running a company that has developed and commercialised WEB Deck gives her a unique insight into the challenges and opportunities for companies developing innovation. She brings this “real world” entrepreneurial experience to the Interface Board.