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Hungry for knowledge (exchange!)

17 November 2021

Joining Interface mid-pandemic hasn't prevented our newest team member, Glen Rutter, from hitting the ground running as Marketing Executive. We thought we'd find out more about what makes him tick, what he's learned so far about the world of knowledge exchange and what he does day-to-day in his role.

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An image of a city scape, an area where Government Support for Entrepreneurs is available

Government Support for Entrepreneurs

23 November 2021

Government support for entrepreneurs, businesses, organisations, and education institutions has been made available through Interface, the premium knowledge exchange facilitator, since 2005. If you have a product or service in need of support Interface can help.

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Making a difference one step at a time

27 October 2021

The lead up to COP26 is now in full swing with many ways of participating in events and exhibitions either in person or online.  With so much talk and debate about who is attending, what world leaders need to agree and what actually might emerge; it might be easy to switch off and think that is not for me. 

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Ensuring no one is left behind in the race for net zero: a major new online conference for Scotland

05 October 2021

As Scotland gets ready to welcome world leaders to Glasgow for the COP26 summit in a matter of weeks, a partnership of almost 30 organisations from across Scotland’s research, policy and innovation ecosystem will come together on 26 October to deliver a free, online conference, ‘Scotland’s contribution to COP26 – a joined-up ‘Just Transition’.

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The ripple effects from a vibrant third sector

24 September 2021

So how have the last 18 or so months changed things for you? It’s a question I’ve been asked frequently.  I think I’ve survived home schooling, something I hope never to experience again, yet my youngest still fancies it as an option, and now most of my activities from work to socialising are centred around my home.  In fairness, having children prepared me well for that.

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Westside stories of business success

09 September 2021

As part of our "Meet the Interface team" series, we're heading west to the region where space technology meets creative industries - and every sector in between. We caught up with Jackie Wynne, Interface's Business Engagement Executive for the West of Scotland to talk about COP26, collaborations and Christmas (it isn't too early, right?). 


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Business support in the north-east

24 August 2021

Cathy Higginson joined Interface recently as Business Engagement Executive for Aberdeen City and Aberdeenshire while Gillian heads on maternity leave. Having worked for an enterprise agency, and established two companies of her own, she knows about the challenges faced by SMEs and the opportunities for entrepreneurs looking to develop ideas.

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A group of girls holding Flowco sanitary products

Going with the Flow

11 August 2021

Flocowear is a mission-driven company that manufactures and sells reusable sanitary pads and provides menstrual health education in countries such as Cambodia, Uganda and Kenya. Founder and CEO Alison Wood, will join Interface Director, Dr Siobhán Jordan, and academic partners, in conversation on 20th August to discuss the benefits of collaborating with college and university partners.

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IP tips for smaller businesses

23 July 2021

Richard Gibbs, Partner from Marks & Clerk wants SMEs to appreciate just how valuable an asset IP is when it comes to driving business growth, and has provided top tips for small businesses who want to learn more.

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Call for academic input into research

08 July 2021

“Academics are judged by their papers and grants…commercial activities take a lot of time and work…I find that extremely difficult to encourage…”

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09 June 2021

What did you do in lockdown? - is a question many people ask as we slowly emerge back into the world of socialising, visiting friends and family, and planning a now much-needed holiday.

For the tourism industry, the answer varies from business to business with most relying heavily on this year being a bumper one.

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