Make collaboration your New Year’s resolution

11 January 2019

The words of John Donne’s poem “No man (or woman) is an island” came to me as I reflected on the year ahead.

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Christmas Turkey

The future of Christmas dinner

17 December 2018

We think there is nothing more traditional than the Christmas turkey roast - but have things already changed, and how will they continue to change?

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Green businesses mean business

10 December 2018

Interface’s Business Engagement Executive, Carol-Ann Adams has recently been working with three environmental entrepreneurs, each with very different solutions to tackling waste or pollution.   

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Women in Tourism: inspiration and possibilities

06 December 2018

Established by a group of women tourism leaders from the Destination Leaders Programme in 2015 to inspire and support women within the Scottish tourism sector, Women in Tourism (WIT) hosted its first ever conference at the Technology & Innovation Centre at Strathclyde University in Glasgow on Monday 19 November.

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Beer tap

Adding some +s (pluses) to improve service innovation…

13 November 2018

Summer is the time of year for keen cyclists to dabble in a spot of bikepacking or ‘credit card’ velotourism.  

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Recycled Renewables

23 October 2018

The Advanced Materials Research Laboratory (AMRL) is engaged with Renewable Parts Ltd. (RPL) in a project funded by the Scottish Institute for Remanufacture to refurbish components for wind turbines.

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Time to blow your own trumpet!

16 October 2018

With just a few weeks to go until the Scottish Knowledge Exchange Awards 2019 applications deadline, I wanted to share some top tips for applying:

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The Scottish Knowledge Exchange Awards 2018

The technology bringing the past into the future

02 October 2018

The University of Glasgow is leading a project to optimise immersive technology in Scotland’s heritage tourism sector.

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Dementia friendly tourism

Dementia friendly tourism

20 September 2018

Interface and Life Changes Trust held an event at the beginning of September on Dementia Friendly Tourism to explore this developing market for tourism businesses and showcase the insight, expertise and services Scottish universities can provide to address the opportunities identified.  

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Wooden robot

Why I changed my mind about A.I.

10 September 2018

The words “Artificial Intelligence” provoke a variety of responses in people, from suspicion to excitement. But one thing is certain, it is here to stay and will form a growing part of all our lives. 

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