Scientists working at the laboratory
Heather Alexander

By Heather Alexander, Marketing Executive, University Assets, and recently-appointed Marketing Manager of Interface

With BioDundee nearly upon us, and one of the main event themes this year being commercialisation, it provides a fitting opportunity for me to share some of the extensive expertise that our universities can offer to businesses within the life sciences sector. 

I have been involved over the past two years in promoting the technology opportunities which are available through University Technology, a fantastic resource which conveniently hosts all of the commercial opportunities from all of Scotland’s universities.

For companies where time, resource and budget are limited these technologies can provide cost effective solutions which may otherwise be too expensive to create in-house.

A great example of how a company has developed a new product using a technology acquired through University Technology is Dermofit. Academics from the University of Edinburgh developed Dermofit, a pioneering digital training app for accurately identifying malignant and benign skin lesion and skin growths at an earlier stage, which was licensed to Simedics, a company which specialises in digital products and publishing for the healthcare and public sector services, and is now being used to train medical professionals throughout the UK.

This is just one example of how world leading university research can be transformed into a commercial product or solution to benefit society and the economy.

University Technology has an extensive range of opportunities across all market sectors from aerospace to life sciences, energy, chemicals, electronics and ICT.

With life sciences, healthcare and pharma providing the greatest number of opportunities University Technology will be exhibiting this expertise at BioDundee, 24 and 25 May - so register now to join us – we’d love to tell businesses more about the range of technologies available throughout Scotland and how it could help them develop and innovate.


04 May 2016