Eugo Games
Euan Galbally

By Euan Galbally, Director, Eugo Games 

As a pre start-up business and one with very little experience of digital technologies, the opportunity of working with academic partners provided through Interface was exactly what I needed.

I had developed a 3D strategic mountaineering game ‘Summit’ for 3-4 players which returns players to a world of social interaction through the medium of fun; challenging players to adopt various strategies to successfully take their team to the mountain summit.

I needed to explore the means with which to take it to the digital form whilst keeping true to the original aesthetic and purpose - to stimulate social interaction and strategic thinking.

Interface was instrumental in screening suitable partners and setting up initial contact. From then it was up the business and the academic partner as to how the relationship was going to evolve and what direction the development of the digital form of the game was going to take. We went through a process of agreeing outcomes and objectives, analysing the strengths of the team members and allocating responsibilities and accountabilities within a prescribed timeframe.

The development went through various iterations as part of the collaborative process until the agreed outcomes and objectives were met or, future work identified.

I have worked with two academic partners through Interface now, each adding unique perspectives, experience and expertise in everything from human machine interface and programming to design and playability.

Together, we’ve been able to achieve a couple of very distinctive and creative concept prototypes that really demonstrate the games potential in the digital form. Ultimately, through utilising digital technologies and expertise, the game will be accessible to a vast, global market who will still benefit from socially interactive gameplay with the additional advantages of being able to remotely connect with friends and family to share in the excitement of the game and the joy of each other’s company.

26 April 2016