Chelsea Charles

Chelsea Charles, Communications Manager  - VisitScotland

Ian Walker of Borders Journeys approached Interface to help him find the right academic expertise from Scotland’s 23 Higher Education Institutions.

Partnering with academics at Queen Margaret University helped him make an important strategic decision about the future direction of his company.

This year, to celebrate the Year of History, Heritage and Archaeology, Ian features in one of VisitScotland’s 90 second mini-documentaries.

We asked Visitscotland’s Communications Manager Chelsea Charles to tell us more about what’s in store for this themed year.  

Events Directorate From World Heritage Sites to ancient monuments, museums to historic battlefields, cultural traditions to our myths, stories, artefacts and legends, the 2017 Year of History, Heritage and Archaeology is celebrating Scotland’s tangible and intangible heritage – our buildings, visitor attractions, archaeological sites as well as our diverse traditions and culture.

Scotland’s Themed Years celebrate the very best of Scotland including its landscapes, people and personality.  Alongside our incredible historic sites, wealth of vibrant cultural traditions and vast range of heritage attractions, Scotland hosts an exciting annual events programme that showcases our history and heritage.  In addition, a programme of brand new events, specially created for the year will also take place.  For more information on HHA inspired events visit

Scotland will also celebrate a number of significant anniversaries through the historical year including the 70th anniversary of Edinburgh as a world leading festival city, the 20th anniversary of Scottish Crannog Centre, 250th anniversary of Edinburgh New Town Plan, 30th anniversary of Beltane Fire Society and the 400th anniversary of the General Register of Sasines –the oldest public land register in the world. 

Are you 2017 ready? 

The overarching aim of the 2017 Year of History, Heritage and Archaeology is to spotlight, celebrate and promote Scotland’s rich and vibrant product and place linked with the themes, but it’s also about engagement and participation. Scotland’ history and heritage is what defines the country for many visitors.  It is an integral and iconic part of our national brand as well as a major contributor to our economy.

We already know that history and heritage is a key motivator for visits to Scotland so the year also presents an opportunity for organisations and communities to think about how they can get involved.

To help wider businesses and organisations think about how they can capitalise on the year, VisitScotland has developed an online toolkit with a range of relevant marketing information including free to use images and promotional wording.  You can also download the official 2017 logo to use across your own promotional material.

2017 provides a great opportunity to invite people to come and explore our attractions, our people, our traditions and our distinct culture but we can’t do it alone – so why not think how you could be involved and help make history with us! Why not help us spread the word across your digital channels? 

You can join the conversation using the dedicated hashtag #HHA2017

Interested in collaborating with academia? Fiona Hutchison is Interface’s sector engagement executive for tourism, encouraging multi-party groups to collaborate with academic expertise. 

12 January 2017