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Dr Siobhan Jordan

Dr Siobhán Jordan, Director, Interface 

How time flies in January – we have reached week 3 and the Christmas decorations are safely packed away in boxes in the attic and Happy New Year is no longer my opening greeting.

Just like time, innovation does not stand still. Indeed – to stand still and not strive to improve products, processes or services is to fall behind.

Just over a week ago the “Scotland Can Do - Boosting Scotland's Innovation Performance: An Innovation Action Plan For Scotland” was published.  The long-term ambition for innovation is to boost Scotland's innovation performance to match the levels of the best performing countries in the OECD (The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development). Definitely ambitious and challenging, but to remain still will inevitably mean falling behind other countries.

The plan outlines four key areas of action:

  • Directly encourage more business innovation,
  • Use public sector needs and spend to catalyse innovation,
  • Support innovation across sectors and places,
  • Make best use of University research knowledge and talent to drive growth and equip Scotland's people with the tools and skills needed to innovate.

I wonder how many businesses have on their 2017 resolution list to take full advantage of the world- leading knowledge and expertise in Scottish universities and research institutions? If you need some inspiration look no further than the Interface case studies.

It’s a difficult, and often turbulent, environment out there. So, by equipping ourselves with the knowledge, tools and skills needed to innovate, we will be forging ahead, enhancing growth and boosting productivity.

And as for my 2017 new year’s resolution, I have taken a leaf from Eleanor Roosevelt, Mary Schmich and Baz Luhrmann; “Do one thing every day that scares you”!

19 January 2017