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Fiona Heatlie

Fiona Heatlie, Head of Knowledge Exchange, University of Glasgow

What comes to mind when you hear the Gaitherin? Burly men in tartan throwing trees around? Clan colours flying in a highland breeze? Or maybe just a wee blether with some pals over a swift half? 

What about creative innovation in Glasgow, what comes to mind then? The looming Gothic tower in the West End might not be the first image that comes to mind with its flowing robes at graduation ceremonies and 15th century job titles. But beneath the gothic grandeur lies a fast-paced, high-tech powerhouse, whose innovations are at the disposal of global businesses.

We’ve got the tech, you’ve got the nouse, let’s make some money, shall we? Our Gaitherins are regular opportunities for businesses to meet our tech talent, for a cheery chinwag about innovation. No need to climb Gilmorehill and spend 20 minutes getting lost in our cloisters (some of the staircases move…no wait, that’s Hogwarts). Our researchers bring their ideas to Tontine, Glasgow’s business incubator on Trongate, to network with entrepreneurs and business leaders to share ideas and challenges. The technical expertise is broad, drawing from biomedical scientists, renewable energy engineers, marketing specialists, IOT enthusiasts, fintech entrepreneurs, and biscuit manufacturers (to name but a few), all sharing their current obsessions through rapid-fire pitches.

Each event also includes a discussion session with experts from the Adam Smith Business School to get the creative juices flowing.  At our next event on May 12th (catch up with us on meetup.com/The-Gaitherin), Stephan von Delft, will be speaking with his collaboration partner, Neil Campbell, from Glasgow insurance brokerage firm CCRS Brokers, who use Stefan's expertise in business model innovation to drive forward their enterprise.

Come innovate with us at the Gaitherin. Whether you’re thinking about how your business is going to reconfigure its manufacturing processes to meet new legislation, seeking to gain the competitive edge, or if you have a technical challenge that you just can’t seem to crack, join in on this opportunity to meet fellow trailblazers with a uniquely ‘Glasgow’ flare at the Gaitherin…we promise no caber toss at entry.

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04 May 2017