Business boost buoys Santa's success

22 November 2019

Interface’s Lorna Watson has been supporting self-published author and innovator Alexander McCabe in the development of his book The Christmas Present. We asked him a few questions about the impact academic input had had on his successful literary endeavours and why calling Interface could lead to exciting places for any business.

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University of Aarhus

Creative solutions for urban challenges

08 December 2017

Scotland is a member of the network, Districts of Creativity and through the leadership of the Scottish Government CAN DO department a delegation of creative leaders in Scotland attend their annual forum hosted in one of the 13 member nations. 

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Yo! Marketing

Yo! Marketing enjoys elevated success

23 November 2017

Gillian Hambley from Interface and Yekemi Otaru, Managing Director, YO! Marketing Limited look at how social enterprise Elevator and Interface collaboratively work to support local business owners through the delivery of Business Gateway and Elevator's Accelerator Programme.

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Appetite growing for food tourism

Appetite growing for food tourism

08 November 2017

Food and drink are at the very core of the tourism product and destination. Food is tangible in its texture, colours and composition, however, it is its intangibility that completes its appeal to the food tourist. Food is flavours, smells and scents. Food is culture. Food is connection to places, landscapes and people. Food is social and sociable. In short, food is far more than functional: it’s pleasure, and should be delight.

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How to create a winning awards entry

26 October 2017

With just over 4 weeks to go until the Scottish Knowledge Exchange Awards 2018 applications deadline, here are some top tips for applying.

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Dumfries and Galloway

Dumfries and Galloway’s hidden innovation

12 October 2017

If you are familiar with Dumfries and Galloway you will recognise it as a rural farming area, boasting luscious green fields with wildlife, nature and forestry in abundance. It attracts tourists looking to get away from the bustle and stress of busy city lives (in fact Dumfries and Galloway is the most densely forested area in the UK). However, hidden away from sight are some of the most surprising innovative businesses that are trading not only in the UK but also globally.

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Softer skills do compute with industry engagement

27 September 2017

I’ve always been interested in the practical side of computing; the ‘how do I use this’ aspect of programming. I want to know how I can use the technology to make an impact on whatever project I’m developing. I carry this through in my teaching so that I find ways to bring the student learning experience closer to what students need to know to work in a software development role after graduation.

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Why maths helps solve tomorrow’s big challenges

14 September 2017

The challenges humanity faces, of which many are due to the ever-increasing population on the planet and our relentless demands on natural resources – energy, water, food, or our desire in greater numbers to travel faster and further, means we must find solutions urgently that address the vast levels of complexity they pose. 

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Cereal innovators grow Hebridean barley

30 August 2017

No two days are the same in my job; last month I found myself standing in a field of barley on the picturesque island of Raasay - in the torrential rain - wearing a dress and blazer!

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How refining data cracks hydrocarbon problems

17 August 2017

Writing as someone who has spent his academic career studying problem-solving techniques, it is always interesting and rewarding to have real-world problems to solve.

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IP and inspiration for SMEs

04 August 2017

Innovation is viewed as a key driver to improving Scotland’s productivity and increasing our international competitiveness. I invite you to join us at Venturefest, a Summit for Innovation.

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