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Connectivity (net) works

17 March 2021

Interface’s place-based approach means that nowhere is left behind when it comes to accessing innovation support.

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The Scottish Knowledge Exchange Awards 2018

The technology bringing the past into the future

02 October 2018

The University of Glasgow is leading a project to optimise immersive technology in Scotland’s heritage tourism sector.

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Dementia friendly tourism

Dementia friendly tourism

20 September 2018

Interface and Life Changes Trust held an event at the beginning of September on Dementia Friendly Tourism to explore this developing market for tourism businesses and showcase the insight, expertise and services Scottish universities can provide to address the opportunities identified.  

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Wooden robot

Why I changed my mind about A.I.

10 September 2018

The words “Artificial Intelligence” provoke a variety of responses in people, from suspicion to excitement. But one thing is certain, it is here to stay and will form a growing part of all our lives. 

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Everyday innovation, innovation every day

28 August 2018

With the recent news of an additional £11.6m for research and innovation announced by the Scottish Funding Council, opportunities for business to partner with our academic institutes are set to thrive.

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Image: People make Glasgow

Green Innovation in Glasgow & the Clyde Valley

21 August 2018

Ruth Oliver is Interface’s Business Engagement Executive for Glasgow and Clyde Valley helping businesses by understanding their challenges, translating them into projects and identifying the right academic expertise. 

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Gary Hogan

Elevator lifts business in Dundee

10 August 2018

University of Dundee have entered into a unique partnership with Elevator for the joint creation of Dundee City’s first Centre of Entrepreneurship to support entrepreneurs with everything they need on their business journey.

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Helping businesses with their first class ideas

24 July 2018

It’s the time of year for summer graduations. You may have noticed an added influx of visiting friends and relatives to our towns and cities. But did you know Scotland has more world-class universities than any other country by head of population? We have 2,000 academic departments with more than 15,000 academic staff and over 1,200 facilities on our doorstep.

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DemoFest 2018

DemoFest: Bringing Research to Life

12 July 2018

It might be mid-summer, but here in the SICSA office we are already well ahead with planning our main knowledge exchange event of the year “DemoFest: Bringing Research to Life”, which takes place in Edinburgh in the autumn.       

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Complaints for tourism businesses can be good

09 July 2018

Tourism is primarily a service industry which lives or dies on the quality of customer service and on consumer (visitor) feedback. This feedback, together with the learning from complaints, could be used to drive service innovation, customer loyalty and competitive advantage in the tourism sector.

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World Cup 2018 crowd photo

Innovation scores highly in World Cup

26 June 2018

Whatever the final score, innovation continues to stretch the boundaries in all aspects of sport from broadcasting to kit, from robots to clean stadiums to modelling crowd control.

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