Affirmints, quality mints in specialised packaging

Glasgow based Affirmints is the brainchild of director Cathie Way, who has developed a new gift product designed to lift the spirits of the recipient.

With an ethos to positively inspire people, the concept behind Affirmints was to develop a marketing business to import and export high quality mints in specialised packaging. These tins of mints incorporate a written positive affirmation, designed to boost self confidence, self esteem and encourage the self development of the person receiving the gift.

Cathie Way said: “The current economic situation has impacted on many people and unfortunately left them feeling somewhat let down and disillusioned.  Affirmints is a product which, for very little cost, can lift the spirit and feed the soul at the same time." 

Business Challenge

Affirmints sourced the high quality mints and associated packaging from China.  In the early stages of development, the company identified a need for academic support to develop the strategy for overall branding and design.  This included consideration for the company logo and packaging design to reflect the strapline: ‘Positively Inspiring People’.


Through support by Interface – The knowledge connection for business - Glasgow Caledonian University’s Centre for Creative Industries (CCI) was identified as an excellent match in expertise for the project.

The CCI, based within the School of Engineering and computing at Glasgow Caledonian University was established in 2002 with the objective of establishing research and knowledge transfer links with creative industries. The Centre focuses on creativity applied to business and economic development and supports companies which realise their growth potential through the exploitation of new technology and the adoption of best practice.

Bruce Wood, Director, met with Cathie from Affirmints and they agreed to embark on a collaborative project to explore the strategic design direction for the immediate market and future potential markets for Affirmints.  A feasibility study of manufacturing and design options to reflect the ethos of Affirmints and an examination of the ultimate price point were integral to the project.

Funding for the project was applied for via the EDTC, who approved one of their Feasibility Study Awards for the value of £5,000. A group of 20 students from CCI were involved in the project and, through their work, they delivered packaging ideas, a logo and also identified five other promotional gift ideas.

The Benefits

Cathie Way launched her product in Glasgow in 2011. Going forward, Affirmints’ aim is to develop the range so that there will be a number of different products available to help customers improve their health, wealth, relationships, careers and self confidence.  The work with Glasgow Caledonian University helped the company identify a design and manufacturing model which reflects what Affirmints is truly all about.