Attis Fitness


Attis Fitness Ltd, led by founder Timothy Elizondo, creates products that will shape a new landscape in the future of sports and fitness by merging electronics into wearables in different and innovative ways. Elite athletes and teams use motion capture to analyse techniques and performance which helps them attain a competitive edge.

The products being developed by Attis will specialise in inertial motion capture which provides greater insight for coaches and trainers from a variety of sports. Sensor technology has improved considerably in recent years with prices dropping, increasing sensor affordability. This has opened up the possibility for a different kind of motion capture system using inertial sensors to create motion capture. Reviewing motion in three dimensions provides users with the ability to review their technique from all angles and stop the playback at specific locations. This is not only useful for general fitness users but also for aspiring athletes, sports trainers, and fitness centres, etc.



Attis Fitness is developing an innovative smart wearable for runners. The product is a compression legging that has smart sensors embedded into the fabric. These sensors provide lab grade biometric data to help people increase their performance and reduce injury rates in running.  The system does not require any set-up; users simply wear the garment and press record. The garment is not bulky and provides comfort during training which means it can also be used as general fitness wear.

Attis Fitness approached the Interface team seeking support from an academic team to develop its initial demonstrator, especially the challenge of integration of the sensor data to enhanced performance. In particular, they were seeking to review the feasibility of combining data from multiple inertial sensors in order to replicate an individual’s movements in three dimensions.



Based on the stage of the company and their specific requirements, Interface matched the company to the CENSIS IoT Centre expertise and facilities. CENSIS is the industry-led Innovation Centre for the economically important and highly diverse domain of Sensor and Imaging Systems (SIS) technologies and their applications.  They are hosted by the University of Glasgow and one of eight Innovation Centres funded by the Scottish Funding Council with support from Scottish Enterprise and Highlands and Islands Enterprise.

Following a competitive application process, Attis Fitness were accepted onto the 2017-18 CENSIS IoT Explorer programme, providing the company;

  • up to 20 days support from CENSIS’ highly skilled and industry-experienced engineering and project management teams
  • access to a hot-desk facility and meeting rooms
  • introductions to range of partners involved in the support of IoT Explorer including technology providers, professional services and investors
  • help with perfecting their investor pitch.
  • entry to CENSIS’ regular programme of hands-on IoT workshops and seminars led by leading industry experts.



Tim Elizondo, founder and director of Attis Fitness Ltd. said:

"Our huge breakthrough after working with CENSIS has been the product refinement. Before winning the CENSIS IoT Explorer competition, we were finding it really difficult to find hardware and software developers and our product was a long way from prototype stage.

CENSIS immediately scoped out the product and advised on what tasks to concentrate on first. They were able to see that the circuit design was flawed and found a fix for this to ensure the product is technically feasible, and they also demonstrated how to amend the app to be more user-friendly.

The workshops made me consider aspects I hadn’t thought of before – like security designed in at source. CENSIS also introduced me to a manufacturer where I was able to have an in-depth conversation about the production process. I am now considering using this manufacturer.

Some of the points CENSIS made about my product were small things – but they made a big difference. CENSIS has fast tracked my product to the stage where the prototype will be ready with a few final tweaks, allowing me to now seek investment.

I can’t imagine what my company would look like if I hadn’t had help from CENSIS – it wouldn’t be a pretty picture." 

Tim Elizondo

Working with Interface has been really valuable towards my business. Their resources have helped me get in touch with technical experts who were able to take my product to the next level. It's been a great experience and I would highly recommend it to anyone thinking of getting involved.

Tim Elizondo, Founder and Director, Attis Fitness Ltd