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Flaér (a brand by Scottoiler Sport Solutions) are a new performance cycling brand established to launch their most recent innovation, the Revo Via, the world’s first chain performance system for road bicycles.

The Flaér Revo Via chain performance system applies micro-doses of a specially developed fluid to the chain at set time intervals during the ride, so no matter what the conditions, the chain remains perfectly optimised – all the time.

This unique system ensures maximum power transfer to the wheel, smoother gear shifts and a visibly cleaner transmission. The result – you get the most out of the effort you put in. Our extensive testing has shown up to 12 watts in power gains at the wheel – a figure which increases the longer the duration of the ride.


A key aim with this product is to engage with professional road cycling teams.  Prior to starting production, Flaér were keen to conduct aerodynamic testing that would help them better understand the performance benefits of the Revo Via and establish what drag their system would create on a road bike.


Chris Simpson, the Technical Director at Flaér, contacted Interface when they were in this last stage of testing as they were looking to engage with an academic department with full wind tunnel facilities and associated expertise to carry this out. Interface was able to help him;

  • find specialist facilities and the expertise in a cost-effective way
  • access on-going support, and
  • connect with the right academic partner.

After putting out a search to various universities, Interface introduced Chris to Dr Richard Green from the Department of Aerospace Sciences at the University of Glasgow to access their wind tunnel facility and the related support the University offers.


The project has since led to the creation of improved processes and improved, as well as new, products, with a resulting increase in overall productivity, products and turnover. The business has now also secured a UCI professional road cycling team (Orica-Scott) who they will work with for the next 3 years as technical development partners.

“Thanks to the work of Interface and their wide reach of academic contacts, we have been able to reach out to specialists who have been able to help us fulfil our project requirements. The response time, communication and understanding provided by Interface was outstanding. Their attention to detail and support was extremely valuable in our business achieving its goals”. Chris Simpson, Technical Director, Flaér.

The project has led to follow on work with the University of Glasgow where a Postgraduate student is carrying out computational work to add more detail to the experimental work that Dr Richard Green performed for them.