Press Dont Panic Audio Alerts

Established in 2010, PDP Audio Alerts Ltd is a technology based manufacturing company principally set up around the creation of its flagship product, the Press Don’t Panic® audio button.

The Business Challenge

Product conception evolved after a serious health-related, life-changing event experienced by Sam Docherty, the majority Director of PDP Audio Alerts Ltd, who, through his own immediate needs, identified a gap in the market for a reliable and user-friendly medical alert device. The audio button communicates vital information in a medical emergency.

Healthcare providers as well as the general public are the primary audiences for this revolutionary device.

The Solution

At the time of meeting Interface – The knowledge connection for business, the company, through self-investment, had developed a Stage 1 model which was already available in the marketplace.

Sales of the audio button, however, had been lower than expected. At the time, the routes to market had been via their website,, and through direct sales. Although the product was recognised as a positive advance on what is currently available, uptake was slow.

The company was, therefore, keen to establish the reasons for the reduced sales and identify gaps in its current marketing strategy.

The Solution

Interface introduced PDP to Edinburgh Napier University and a partnership, funded by the Scottish Funding Council Innovation Voucher scheme, was established to explore the following:

a) Identify the perception of this audio device;

b) Identify how to establish a baseline acceptance in front-line care;

c) Identify the barriers to sale;

d) Elucidate the best and next iteration (Stage 2) of the device.

“Sales were not as high as initially anticipated. The connection made by Interface to Edinburgh Napier University has been extremely valuable in providing us with a greater understanding of market perceptions of our product and will allow us to further develop the audio device.” said Sam Docherty, PDP Audio Alerts.

This initial feasibility project provided the company with solid, baseline evidence on the perception and use of its product, enabling it to make more informed decisions on how to increase sales and market outreach of its proprietary product, how to evolve the current model and how to expand the business.

“We are experiencing an increasing number of companies within the emerging digital healthcare sector looking to access both expertise and facilities. The partnership between PDP Solutions and Edinburgh Napier University is an excellent example of the types of support available”, said Kathryn Fraser, Interface.

Partnership Benefits

Company gained greater market intelligence of the perception of its Product Company received recommendations for enhancements for the next generation of the product Collaboration identified future sales opportunities.


Please note that Interface administers the Innovation Voucher Scheme on behalf of the Scottish Funding Council. All funding applications are reviewed on a case by case basis by the Scottish Funding Council, guidelines can be found here.