Sitekit Solutions Ltd


Sitekit Solutions Ltd was founded on the Isle of Skye in 1989. Sitekit is recognised as the leading provider of web solutions to the NHS in England, with over 70 organisations employing Sitekit’s products or services to assist them with their web management.

This sector expertise has allowed the company to pursue a range of eHealth R&D opportunities, promoting collaboration with government, academic and industry leaders worldwide.

Sitekit recognised the requirement for website owners to manage their websites online via a simple browser interface. Sitekit’s first content management system was launched in 2000, proving an immediate hit. Following a range of sessions held at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s (MIT) Sloan School of Management, Sitekit made the decision to adopt a vertical market strategy and to focus on the healthcare sector. With no previous links to Scottish universities, Sitekit approached Interface - The knowledge connection for business in relation to setting up a collaborative project that would also involve the Software Agents group at MIT, Boston. Interface successfully identified three academic institutions, including the University of Stirling. 

The Interface Solution

Two EPSRC (Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council) CASE studentships were awarded with the University of Stirling in 2008 - 2009. The students were also linked into MIT. “Interface was instrumental in helping Sitekit to establish invaluable links with the University of Stirling and MIT which have been influential in developing the R&D and innovation culture within the company, fulfilling both immediate and long term objectives”, said Campbell Grant, Chief Executive of Sitekit Solutions Ltd.

Sitekit have developed expertise in the ehealth area which has led to a project with the Microsoft team responsible for HealthVault, a healthcare data storage and sharing platform, to develop the UK’s first electronic Personal Child Health Record (ePCHR), also known as the ‘eRedbook’. The eRedbook, developed by Sitekit Solutions Ltd, will spearhead the shift from clinician to citizen management of healthcare data, the importance of which was recognised in the recent Department of Health Information Strategy.

Pilot sites for the eRedbook will include NHS Moray, NHS South Warwickshire, NHS Rotherham Foundation Trust and Portsmouth Hospitals Foundation Trust. eRedbook project partners Maverick TV, producers of the hit show ‘Embarrassing Bodies’, will lead a nationwide programme of engagement during the pilot phases and subsequent release of the eRedbook, ensuring parents throughout the UK are kept up to date with the application’s development. Sitekit is participating in three Technology Strategy Board (TSB) projects: two DALLAS (Delivering Assisted Living Lifestyles At Scale) communities, Living it Up and Year Zero, as well as TSB’s second phase Collaboration Across Digital Industries (CAD12) initiative.

Sitekit maintains strong relationships with Harvard, MIT, National University of Singapore, University of Stirling and Edinburgh Napier University, with a number of Sitekit staff performing active research roles within these institutions.

“Interface helped Sitekit’s vision of becoming a truly innovative eHealth solution development provider to be realised.” Chris Eckl, Chief Technology Officer & Research Director, Sitekit Solutions Ltd