FocalPoint - online business management

Established in 2010 Stratile is a strategy and performance consultancy based in Glasgow. Their goal is to help organisations to achieve their strategic objectives through a combination of consulting support services and their unique web-enabled software FocalPoint.

FocalPoint is an online business management software that supports business to implement continuous improvements and best practice within their organisations.

The Business Challenge:

Stratile wanted to develop the tool ensuring that elements such as performance and risk could be incorporated in the software.

The ultimate aim was to develop the tool so that it complimented their existing product and allowed for the easy visualisation of the key risks and key personnel performance data. These developments would provide an easy to use visual tool that would decrease the risk of information overload and provide an immediate tool for company leaders & managers to plan and improve business performance.

The Interface Solution:

Simon Train, Co-Founder and Director of Stratile, approached the Business Gateway in Glasgow who, in turn, was introduced to Interface.

Interface worked with Simon to develop his initial brief and translate it into a dynamic working document that would allow HEIs to create a suitable response.

According to Simon, ‘The process was so simple! Interface understood what we were trying to achieve and helped to develop the brief so that it was suitable for an academic audience. They sent it out to a number of potential institutions allowing us to review the expertise and select the best solution.’

Stratile chose to work with Professor Denis Fischbacher-Smith, Research Chair in Risk and Resilience Management at the University of Glasgow.

‘Finding the right person was important to us, and that’s why working with Interface was so beneficial. When we first met Denis it took some time to explain what we were trying to achieve but this allowed us to brainstorm and explore the product together leading to new ideas and potential solutions which we had not considered. This innovative affinity can only come from working with the right person.’

Professor Fischbacher-Smith identified research that he could draw from and tap into to support the project. This led to the production of an academic paper, and condensed guide, focusing on the visual elements of risk allowing Stratile to build these concepts into the product.

‘Thanks to Denis’s help we have managed to create an interactive online platform that can help businesses to structure and coordinate their strategic programmes, maximising internal performance and delivering significant results.’ Simon explained.

FocalPoint has been used in a number of different ways, a testament to the flexibility of the software, and has provided a number of significant benefits for Stratile’s growing client base.

One business user increased sales by £500,000 in less than 12 months. Another was able to manage and monitor in excess of 20 simultaneous projects across a team of 100 users saving them time, money as well as creating a synonymous in house solution.

According to Simon, ‘We’re really pleased with how the product has been developed.  Working with academia injects a real creative and innovative element into the process and being able to tell people that you’ve worked with an academic builds reputation and adds credibility. The Interface service was crucial in linking us to the right expertise; their service is quick, reliable and I can only recommend that other businesses contact them when looking to develop their products and services.’

For more information on Stratile and FocalPoint visit or call 0141 332 5286