Tait Enterprise

Tait Enterprise Development Limited is a business consultancy which provides advice and guidance on strategy, business development, financial management and business planning to businesses in the SME sector.

Tait had developed a consultancy tool to assist business owners to identify key areas of focus to improve the financial performance of their businesses. Whilst being extremely effective, the basic system had been developed in Microsoft Excel and in order to support the company’s development, Tait were looking to fully productise the tool into a web-based system which could then be either sold or licensed. 

Interface identified relevant expertise in three universities and a report was submitted to Tait to review. The company subsequently selected the University of Abertay as it’s preferred partner.

Alistair Tait, Tait Enterprise Development Limited, commented;” Interface was extremely supportive throughout the whole process, saving us both time and money. We were very encouraged by the notes of interest from the various universities. We felt the University of Abertay demonstrated the necessary expertise we required.”

Following initial introductions made by Interface, The University of Abertay scoped the project which included developing a formal design for the application, including structural analyses of data and processes from the dual perspectives of the application and data store. A proof of concept prototype of the application was then developed and formed the foundations of the final application.

Malcolm Mactavish from the University’s School of Computing and Engineering commented; “The project has provided us with the opportunity to work within a sector of which we have had little prior experience.  It allowed us to research and experiment with some new techniques and methods, and we hope to be able to continue this relationship with Tait Enterprise Development Limited to take the product to the next level.”

In addition the project team also identified how end users within the SME sector interact with their financial business information and how this was incorporated into the design of the product.

Alistair  added; “This tool will provide my business with a great USP and will open up new market opportunities to us. The initial development work carried out by the University of Abertay has been key to the tool’s development. This type of expertise is a fantastic resource for businesses and I would wholeheartedly recommend that Academia is considered as a partner by anyone developing their business.”