Case Study

The Medical Device Company


Edinburgh Napier University


Life and Chemical Sciences


Edinburgh & Lothians

Napier University helped Scottish life sciences company, The Medical Device Co Ltd., save time and money trying to find a solution to an engineering problem it was trying to solve.

The Medical Device Co. Ltd managing director, John Targell said: “We specialise in helping clients in the plastics and disposable medical device industry take their ideas from initial concept to production.

The Business Challenge

“One of our clients wanted to do something out of our realm – in an area around thermodynamics – and luckily I met Dr. Siobhán Jordan, director of Interface at a seminar.”

After an introduction by Interface – the knowledge connection for business, The Medical Device Co. has been given help with technical challenges by Napier University engineering experts.

The Solution

As a result, the company has been told what they were trying to achieve would not be feasible as it defied the laws of physics!  However, this information allowed them to search for an alternative solution the company has now implemented.

John Targell continued: “This information was invaluable as letting us know that something is not possible saved us an immense amount of time and work.

“My previous experience with universities many years ago was that the collaboration process can be quite long-winded and the experts tend to be non-commercially focussed.  However, my recent experience has been excellent.  I’d certainly go to Interface again for help. They’ve made me realise that working with universities is a quick and straightforward process and ultimately the experience has saved us a lot of unnecessary work.”

Dr. Siobhan Jordan, director of Interface said: “This is an excellent example of one of the ways universities can help Scottish companies with their individual business challenges and Interface is keen to help business across all sectors and sizes access similar assistance.”