Altitude Thinking

The Scottish Funding Council Innovation Voucher has been awarded to fund a collaboration project between Altitude Thinking and City of Glasgow College to tackle marine pollution by using innovative technology in rivers and canals, capable of monitoring water quality and collection of marine waste.


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Attis Fitness

Attis Fitness Ltd

Attis Fitness is developing an innovative smart wearable for runners. The product is a compression legging that has smart sensors embedded into the fabric. Interface matched the company with CENSIS to help develop its initial demonstrator, especially the challenge of integration of the sensor data to enhanced performance.

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Robert and Sharon Marshall


After establishing relevant academic expertise, Interface was able to successfully set up a collaboration with the University of the West of Scotland’s Engineering Department in Paisley to crash test TransK9’s latest dog cage. 

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Welbot initially collaborated with the University of Strathclyde to understand how they could extract knowledge and insights from data and machine learning, especially around autonomous, self-teaching systems that can analyse data and provide insights to human behaviour.  They then went on to work with both the University of Edinburgh and the University of Aberdeen.

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Investment Solver (Inbest)

Interface connects Investment Solver Ltd to University of Edinburgh to develop Inbest, a data analytics platform, aimed to measure, track and improve the financial well-being of UK consumers. 

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Norscot Joinery Ltd

Interface introduced Norscot Joinery Ltd to the University of Strathclyde, who has a wealth of expertise and knowledge of the integration of Building Information Modelling and gaming software, to create a specialised user experience to enable Norscot's clients to virtually experience their bespoke homes through new, innovative smartphone technology.

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YO! Marketing (now merged with Doqaru Ltd)

Yekemi Otaru had an innovative idea to design an intelligent solution using a machine learning algorithm to help business owners make marketing decisions more easily. After approaching Interface to help find the necessary academic expertise, we matched Yekemi with machine learning, dataset modelling and data mining expertise at Abertay University.

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KINGDOM Scotland Ltd

KINGDOM Scotland collaborated with the University of St Andrews to draw on the rich flavours and textures of Scotland’s cultural heritage – from landscape and mythology to whisky distilling and the history of perfume in Scotland – to inspire and develop a luxury brand of perfume.

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Horses and Hydroponics

Funded by a Scottish Funding Council Innovation Voucher, a report was commissioned to cover the environmental, financial, and practical elements involved in growing hydroponic grass in Scotland and the wider UK to support the desire of horse owners to grow high quality feed at an affordable and sustainable level.  This system would help and encourage the use of poorer quality land to support horses and other animals, potentially opening up opportunities for an increase in horse ownership. 

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The Gorbals Cross Clock Tower

The Gorbals Community Group and Glasgow Caledonian University (GCU) are currently working with many organisations and political bodies exploring the possibility of recreating an old lost Gorbals landmark monument, the Gorbals Cross clock tower and drinking fountain. Partly funded by pooled Scottish Funding Council Innovation Vouchers* awarded to George Taylor & Co, a foundry in Hamilton, and Wireframe Immersive, a 3D visualisation company, Stevie Anderson and Eddie Horn, from GCU’s School of Engineering and Built Environment, were able to draw up measurements of a replica tower, using state-of-the-art, innovative 3D laser scanning techniques.

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Food testing

Resource Efficiency Industry Advisory Group for Food & Drink

The Resource Efficiency Industry Advisory Group for Food & Drink (REIAG) was set up in 2012 as a result of a partnership between Interface Food & Drink, Zero Waste Scotland and the Food and Drink Federation (FDF) Scotland. The aim was to raise awareness and promote opportunities related to environmental sustainability and to stimulate innovation in the food and drink industry. 

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