Cumbraecraft video game


Interface introduced North Ayrshire Council to the School of Design and Informatics at Abertay University, Europe's top-ranked institution for video games education, to develop a heritage themed interactive game that could be used in both classroom and remotely in a home learning environment.

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Group of girls holding sanitary pads in the air



Lilypads Group Ltd is a mission driven company that manufactures and sells reusable sanitary pads and provides menstrual health education. Founder and CEO of Lilypads, Alison Wood, strives to end period poverty and stigma by providing affordable reusable sanitary pads and education to communities around the world, they currently work in Malaysia and Kenya, with preparations to start working in Cambodia and Nigeria.

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NjordFrey logo which has a black fish skeleton above the word NjordFrey


NjordFrey was referred to Interface by the Knowledge Transfer Network to find an academic collaborative partner. After scoping up the project and sending it on to various universities within Scotland, Ruth Oliver from Interface matched NjordFrey with four academic institutes for further discussions. 

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Birds eye view of a construction site

Hypervine Ltd

Following a series of industry scandals that highlighted the need for strong audit trails for building work undertaken, Hypervine was looking for an academic partner to  investigate the use of distributed ledger technologies to trace the completion of work in the construction sector and manage compliance events.

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Front door with BrightLight Relationship Counselling plaque on wall

Bright Light Relationship Counselling

Interface introduced Bright Light Relationship Counselling to Professor Roberto Rossi from the University of Edinburgh Business School who assigned his students a project to enable Bright Light to counsel and support their clients remotely.

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An open suitcase containing old artifacts including a black and white photograph of a man and other documents

Dumfries Museum

Mari Findlay, from Interface, put Siobhán Ratchford, curator at Dumfries Museum, in touch with the Scottish Graduate School for Arts & Humanities (SGSAH) Internship/Artist Residency programme, where PhD student Kirsty Kernohan archived, digitised and catalogued a collection of Dr Kissling's possessions, which had been donated to the museum.

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A hand holding a mobile device dispaying thermal charts which is replicated on a PC and tablet screen in the background


Amanda Pickford, from Shock Innovations Ltd, collaborated with Fife College to develop a training module designed specifically at educating heating engineers on how to use thermal cameras.  It was crucial that Shock Innovations Ltd could provide their future customers with these new skills and extra knowledge to support the benefits of using their software, ThermaFy.

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Blue sign infront of train carriages directing walkers to the station and ferry

Go Upstream

Interface introduced Go Upstream to the OPENspace Research Centre, based at the universities of Edinburgh and Heriot-Watt, to evaluate their project of bringing disabled people together with transport staff to explore connections from rail stations to ferry terminals, and then collaboratively design solutions to these challenges. 

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Group of seven people standing in line infront of medical lingerie

Vanilla Blush

Interface matched medical lingerie business, Vanilla Blush, with the University of the Highlands and Islands (UHI) to support the development of a new line of underwear for men and women living with a colostomy, ileostomy or a urostomy. In particular, the research looked at support garments during physical activity, to reduce the risk of hernia in people who have a bowel stoma. 

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Flooded garden with summer house and garden furniture

Macdeck Landscaping Ltd

Interface partnered Macdeck Landscaping with the University of Strathclyde to create a universal branded/trademarked Construction System product. The product would offer the ability to create natural landscapes on raised structures, particularly in flooded areas, and create a wider scope of vision for architects and town and country planners at a more economical cost.

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Man on factory floor looking into large barrel of wool

Johnstons of Elgin

Interface matched Johnstons of Elgin with Heriot-Watt University to analyse their energy usage across the main business units of dyes, weaving, logistics, finishing and yarns.  The company was subsequently matched with the University of Strathclyde to research innovative techniques and technologies for objectively measuring the finish attributes of its woven cashmere pieces.

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