Altitude Thinking

The Scottish Funding Council Innovation Voucher has been awarded to fund a collaboration project between Altitude Thinking and City of Glasgow College to tackle marine pollution by using innovative technology in rivers and canals, capable of monitoring water quality and collection of marine waste.


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Industry giant Kodak remain market leader in a constantly changing photographic industry by investing heavily in leading research and development. They teamed up with Interface, who linked them with the University of Glasgow, in order to access the breadth of skills available in Scotland's world class academic institutions.

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The world's leading manufacturer of resistance heating elements generating, measuring and controlling the heat in all types of household appliances - your kettle and fridge to name just two, Kanthal realised that in order to remain so they would need to research more innovative ways to increase the bending strength of their product. Such is the technical accuracy required of these products and associated testing, Interface were ideally placed to find an academic solution and subsequently linked the company with Edinburgh Napier University.

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Hunting Energy Services (UK) Ltd

Hunting Energy Services (UK), part of international provider Hunting PLC, was keen to access academic expertise in order to carry out key technical research and development.  Knowing Interface as the key knowledge connection for business, this would be the ideal partnership. Interface were delighted to help and connected them to both the University of Glasgow and the University of Dundee who addressed three projects in total.

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The Mentholatum Company Ltd

The Mentholatum Company Ltd specialises in the manufacture of and supply of high quality healthcare products to the UK, Europe, Africa and the Middle East. In the process of developing a new range of skincare cosmetic products for the treatment of acne, they needed to collaborate with an academic specialist who would be able to validate their range.


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Toshiba Medical Visualisation Systems

Toshiba Medical Visualization Systems Europe Ltd (TMVS), part of the global Toshiba Corporation, is responsible for the design and development of cutting edge products and technology for use in medical imaging equipment. The company was keen to tap into the expertise available within clinical and academic groups developing new technologies in the brain imaging field to further support its intensive research and development activities.

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