29 July 2019

Glasgow & Clyde Valley

Venue: The Studio, 67 Hope Street, Glasgow

Time: 09:30 to 11:30

Are you a business that is interested in applying for European low carbon innovation funding but feel unsure about the impact of Brexit?

Despite ongoing uncertainty, Scottish businesses are still eligible for European innovation funding.

On the 29th July, the Scottish European Green Energy Centre (SEGEC) team will be running an event in Glasgow to clarify the availability of European low carbon funding.

We will outline fantastic funding opportunities and describe the support that is available to help your organisation navigate the world of European funding.

Richard Buxbaum, Senior EU Funding Executive at Scotland Europa and Scottish contact point for Horizon 2020, will summarise the current availability of European funding and answer your questions on the impact of Brexit.

SEGEC specialists Conall McGinley, Morag Clark and Jane Watters will be on hand to present the latest low carbon innovation opportunities and discuss your funding ideas. In recent years, the team have supported a number of successful European funding applications including NESSIE, D2Grids and ETIP Ocean.

Craig Moir, Specialist with the Enterprise Europe Network, will be on hand to offer 1:1 support to businesses with any queries regarding collaborative funding opportunities both in the UK and the EU.

In order to explore some of the latest European low carbon innovation funding opportunities, please refer to the latest draft of the Horizon 2020 Energy Work Programme at the following link.

We will be pleased to help you find partners for upcoming calls as part of the event. To help us prepare in advance, please email the event organiser with details. The event organiser’s email address will be provided in your registration email.