29 January 2019

Glasgow & Clyde Valley

Venue: RookieOven - Fairfield Shipyard Offices, 1046-1048 Govan Road, Glasgow

Time: 18:00 to 20:00

The First Gaitherin of 2019!
Bringing together Scottish academia and business to network, explore ideas and develop opportunities to collaborate


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Brexit. Six letters ubiquitous across our country for the past two and a half years, but how it will be shaped and the implications it will have for us remains unclear.

Maria Fletcher and Tom Mullen from the School of Law at University of Glasgow will deliver a short keynote speech summarising the legal implications on where things stand at the end of January and what this means for Scotland, specifically the business and academic arena.

We’ll start with a bite to eat and networking, followed by the Brexit keynote speech and an opportunity for discussion. The event ends with a round of rapid-fire pitches, where anybody has a chance to pitch an idea, discuss a new concept or project for 3 minutes. The Gaitherin aims to find synergies between business and research by finding areas (there are no limitations) for collaboration. Everyone is welcome!

If you have a burning idea, concept, or a novel project you're working on and would be open to the possibility of collaboration on, get in-touch with Mike Gray at michael.g.gray@glasgow.ac.uk to book a 3-minute pitch slot.