14 March 2019

Glasgow & Clyde Valley

Venue: RookieOven, Fairfield Shipyard Offices, 1048 Govan Rd, Glasgow

Time: 18:00 to 20:00

Technology, as with nearly every other sector, will play an increasingly important role in shaping the future of the legal profession.

In the next Gaitherin keynote speech i) Paul Mosson, Executive Director of Member Services and Engagement at Law Society of Scotland & Executive Lead of LawscotTech and ii) Rhona McNair, Deputy Director for the University of Glasgow's Diploma in Professional Legal Practice, will bring insight into how the LegalTech ecosystem is evolving in Scotland covering the following points:

  • Introducing the LawscotTech initiative, why it was formed and what it aims to achieve.
  • The current main challenges facing Scottish legal firms relating to technology what is being done to overcome these.
  • The opportunities for future development in LegalTech through collaboration between the legal profession, the academic community, technology firms and broader business sectors, and how to get involved.

Time: 6-8pm
Date: Thursday 14th March
Venue: RookieOven - Fairfield Shipyard Offices, Govan Road

We will as always close with rapid-fire pitches. If you have a burning idea, concept, or a novel project you're working on and would be open to the possibility of collaboration, LegalTech or not, please get in touch with Mike Gray to book your 3-minute pitch slot.

There will be a plentiful supply of canapes to keep your hunger locked up in-between the opportunity to network with fellow Gaitherin guests at the home to one of Scotland's most vibrant startup communities: RookieOven.

The Gaitherin brings together Scotlands most innovative academic and business minds for a bi-monthly networking event. We start with a bite to eat and networking, then a short keynote, followed by a round of rapid fire pitches, where anybody has a chance to pitch an idea, discuss a new concept or project for 3 minutes. At the Gaitherin we aim to find synergies between business and research, and look for areas where we can collaborate. Everyone is welcome, there's no limitation on areas of expertise.