09 November 2018


Venue: SRUC Craibstone Room TR5, Ferguson Building, Aberdeen

Time: 09:30 to 14:30

This event, hosted by SRUC - Scotland's Rural College (SAC Consulting) and the Rowett Institute, has been organised to highlight the opportunities for farmers and the food and drink industry in the North East of Scotland to grow cereals and alternative food crops for use in new food products. This includes oats and barley for human consumption and gluten-free cereals and alternative proteins.

Every generation has a major influence on society, and in recent years, it has been the millennials' turn. When it comes to food, millennials (adults from ages 19 to 35) are interested in good quality, environmentally friendly and socially responsible healthy food. The push to eat healthier, to better understand what you put in your body is seen as key to a healthier lifestyle.

This event aims to highlight the practical considerations farmers should take when diversifying to grow cereals or alternative proteins for food production. Researchers from SRUC will highlight the practical considerations including variety and management options. Speakers will also discuss:

  • Precision farming techniques for improved production
  • Alternative protein options including Pulses, Buckwheat, Baremeal for growing in the North East
  • Potential issues with trace elements in soil
  • The Rowett Institute will also highlight the nutritional considerations for using oats and barley for human consumption and both organisations will also discuss new product development and recipe opportunities
  • Branding and marketing advice for new products
  • Case studies from industry

We’d like to invite farmers and food and drink manufacturers of any size looking to grow or develop new products that could enhance their portfolio and reach new markets, so that together we can help all generations have a healthier future.

There will be a range of speakers including:

  • Dr Robin Walker, SRUC Research Agronomist
  • Dr Steve Hoad, SRUC Crop Improvement and Agronomy Team
  • Prof Christine Watson, SRUC Crop & Soil Systems
  • Gavin Dick, Farms & Commercial Manager, Agri-EPI Centre Ltd
  • Kerry Allison, SAC Consulting Food & Drink
  • Dr Karen Scott, Rowett Institute
  • Madi Neascu, Rowett Institute

We hope this event will inform and help farmers and businesses innovate and seize the opportunities for different food markets.