14 March 2018

Edinburgh & Lothians

Venue: Queen Margaret University, Queen Margaret Drive, Musselburgh

Time: 09:00 to 17:00

Come and join us at Queen Margaret University for an exciting one day Design Workshop starting at 9.00 am on Wednesday 14th March, 2018 to collaborate with citizens, public sector staff, students, academics, third sector organisations, innovation agencies and leading Scottish based industries to prototype solutions to the following civic challenge:

“How will we make activities that enhance levels of healthy ageing and well-being, more engaging and accessible to people from mid-life and beyond?”

What can I bring into the event?

To be in from the start of this exciting journey please register your commitment to join one of the facilitated design sessions where you can bring your initial ideas on how we can collaboratively solve this real-world problem, focussing around three cross-cutting themes of:

  • Innovative group activities
  • Innovative “gamification” style opportunities
  • Innovative ways to initially connect individuals socially(reduce loneliness)

However, as you “don’t know what you don’t know”, we are also seeking those with “blue sky” thinking ideas on other potential themes.

This is not just for people working in the field of health and social care.

We are looking for ideas and solutions developed in all academic disciplines and industries that can be applied to this particular civic challenge, to create “game changing” innovations that will be unique and add value to citizens’ lives not only in Scotland, but potentially across the globe.

How will it work?

Queen Margaret University has the space and resources required for four distinct innovation thinking labs, where collaborators will be brought together as a Solutions Team and facilitated to blend their ideas through trial and error to create an initial prototype solution(s).

These prototypes will then be presented by each Solution Team working to an agreed “pitching format*” to an expert judging panel, who working to agreed criteria will:

  • Consider the appropriateness of the pitched solution to the civic challenge.
  • Confirm what is required in order to further develop the prototype solution towards future commercialisation.
  • Then identify which of the pitched proposals they would like to support in going forward on the next stage of this exciting journey.

*Pitching Format – each team will be asked to set out in their pitch at what stage their proposal is, the resources required to develop it further, and any access to external funds they may already have.

What is this next stage?

We have chosen this Civic Challenge given its clear alignment to the Healthy Ageing theme set out in the UK Government’s Industrial Strategy, which is seeking solutions now to enable future generations of people to remain active, and be healthy and independent as they age.

See link below:


Through the Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund we want to maximise the opportunity this presents to submit bids based on the best ideas and strongest collaborations formed on the day towards the multi-million pound funds that are being made available.

If not towards this particular funding source, we will also explore other possible resources that can support the creation of innovative solutions that will attract and then continue to engage citizens across all social spectrums and locations in maintaining their health and wellbeing.

What’s to Lose?

At a minimum, you will have had a fun packed, hands on creating day, making new connections and networks along the way.

At best, you will have been part of an ongoing process to developing solutions to improve the health and well being of your fellow citizens in Scotland and potentially across the globe.

We will also include lunch and refreshments!