20 February 2019

Edinburgh & Lothians

Venue: Room 4.18, Charteris Land, 21 St John St, Edinburgh

Time: 14:00 to 16:00

Do you find it difficult to get started when confronted with a room full of strangers? Come and join a networking event that teaches you how to network!

Learn and practically apply the basics of how to network in person and grow your networks for future opportunities with a mix of online coursework to plan how you can engage with this real face-to-face networking event to be held here at the University of Edinburgh. Event open to staff, students, and the public. Interaction planning will be enhanced by using the Confbuzz app, so using a smartphone will be essential.

Learn how to:

  • Ask open questions to initiate conversation
  • Approach a group and break into the conversation
  • Ask the right questions to assess how useful the contact is
  • Share information about yourself succinctly
  • Employ the correct body language for open communication
  • Learn how to close interactions and ask for a commitment for further discussion
  • Create a written profile of your experience and skills
  • Evaluate the profiles of others and chose people you would like to network with

Please be willing to spend approx 1 hour working through our tips and activities from our blog before the session. Blog address and password will be issued 2 weeks before the event, Confbuzz login will be supplied one week prior to the event.