24 April 2019

Glasgow & Clyde Valley

Venue: Hampden Park, Glasgow, Letherby Drive

Time: 09:30 to 15:00

Whether for active participation as a leisure sportsperson or passively following as a spectator of sporting events, for many people sport is their favourite leisure activity.

Over recent years, sport as an industry has been particularly receptive to new developments in technology and analytics. Wearable technologies have diversified, both at a professional sports science level and in the consumer fitness market. Teams and sporting bodies have worked to make their stadiums more connected, with all major new stadiums now being built with this in mind. Virtual Reality has come a long way in terms of real-world applications, with a number of training programs that utilise the technology to put athletes in situations that are otherwise unachievable in an ordinary session.

Space assets and satellite technologies, including Earth Observation, Global Navigation Satellite Systems, Satellite Communications and Human Spaceflight, can offer added value to sports businesses and can increase capabilities in a number of ways.

This workshop aims to build partnerships between the highly innovative space sector and the sports community to ultimately deliver performance, societal, and economic benefits, through the generation of new technology and service developments. The workshop also aims to explore how these new service concepts could be supported by the European Space Agency Business Applications Programme, through the upcoming Space4Sport Kickstart or via Direct Negotiation.


09:30 Arrival and Coffee

10:00 Welcome & Keynote

TBC, Sport Scotland

10:20 What Satellite Applications can do for you

Sue Kee, SoXSA

10:40 Introduction to European Space Agency Business Applications & Space4Sport

Pam Anderson, ESA Business Applications

11:00 Case Studies: Cycling, Water Sports, Motor Sport, and Orienteering

Steve Owens/Chris Lowe - Huli, Matthew O'Hare - Centre for Ecology and Hydrology, Fergus Wallace - Space National, Colin Matheson - Scottish Orienteering

12:00 Lunch

12:45 Challenge presentations including Challenges in cycling from the Mountain Bike Centre for Scotland

13:30 Workshop discussion

15:00 Round-up and close

We look forward to welcoming you on the 24th April!