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Student Placements/Internships

Looking for industry clients that would be happy providing work experience for students whether it be a 2 week internship or a project to last a full semester. Please note some of these are funded placements, and some are unfunded. Please check on enquiry. If any of these student placements are of interest, please email Jackie for full details and application process.

  • Funded – al costs covered by the Higher Education Institute
  • Unfunded – all costs covered by the host company/organisation

Computing Studies
Closing date 31st May. Runs during term time.

School of Computing have 3-month UG Placements running over the course of the year (flexible 180 hours).  There an interest in creating animation/social media/graphic design/soundscapes/training videos/podcasts for this intake.

Course covered include:

  • Cybersecurity and Digital Forensics
  • Software Engineering
  • Games Development
  • Computing Science
  • Business Computing
  • Digital Media
  • Web Design

Engineering & Physical Science Students
Closes 30th April, starts Summer 24. Unfunded 6-month Placements.

The School of Engineering & Physical sciences are looking for organisations to support their MSc Robotics, MSc Global Sustainability engineering and MSc Advance Mechanical engineering students in a 6 month placement starting this summer.

Topics Include:

  • MSc Robotics
    • Robotics Systems Science
    • Human Robot Interaction
    • Intelligent Robotics Sensors, Actuators and IoT
    • Robotic Mechanical Systems
    • Image Processing
    • Multidisciplinary Group Project
    • Embedded Software
  • MSc Advanced Mechanical Engineering 
    • Engineering Design
    • Computational Fluid Dynamics with Heat Transfer
    • Professional and Industrial Studies
    • Renewable Energy Technologies
    • Engineering Manufacture
    • Specialist Engineering Technology
    • Failure and Accident Analysis
    • Critical Analysis and Research Preparation

Engineering Placements
Closes 30th April. Unfunded.

Professional engineers have a well-deserved reputation for their ability to undertake challenging and complex projects and solve problems in many spheres of industry. At the School of Engineering combines a wide range of expertise in engineering with new purpose-built facilities. There are five courses:

  • MEng Mechanical Engineering
  • MEng Mechanical and Offshore Engineering
  • MEng Mechanical and Electrical Engineering
  • Meng Mechanical and Biomedical Technology
  • MEng Electrical and Electronic Engineering

There are two separate 10-week industrial placements, ideally with the same company. These placements occur between the end of May and early September each year, the first after Year 3 and the second after Year 4. In addition to the 10-week placement, students are also required to attend University for two taught weeks each summer and these must be built into any programme of work.

Placement providers are asked to appoint a supervisor who can mentor the student while they are on placement. The industrial supervisor identifies the student’s role within the company and, with the student, sets objectives and how they are to be achieved in a Learning Contract. Students are also assigned an academic tutor from the School of Engineering who will be available for consultation throughout the placement experience and will visit the student on placement once or twice over the 10-week period where possible.

Computing Students (Summer and Yearlong Placements)
Closes end of May for summer, end of August for yearlong. Unfunded.

Students study a range of modules – exact modules dependent on course:

  • Software Design and Development
  • Data Networking
  • Database Systems Problem Solving and Modelling
  • Information Systems
  • Object–oriented Programming 2D Graphics
  • Dynamic Web Programming
  • Collaborative & Professional skills Cloud Computing
  • Network Security
  • Business Systems
  • Data Mining Cybersecurity Data Science
  • Data Visualisation
  • Business Intelligence
  • Full-stack Development

Companies or organisations will gain an opportunity to tap into an enthusiastic workforce which can provide both fresh ideas and individual talent. One of the key elements for approving these placements is that the company must have a workplace supervisor available with the appropriate level of technical knowledge to be able to supervise the student.

Postgraduate Housing Studies Students
Closes 30th April. Runs Jan 24- Sep 24. Fully funded.

Housing students can offer a range of skills and knowledge exchange in the following areas:

  • Providing Housing Services
  • Sustainable Communities
  • Organisational behaviour
  • Housing Governance
  • Healthy Housing
  • Finance and Strategy

Students are supported by a leading team of academics who comprehensively cover the multi-disciplinary nature of housing, research, policy and practice. The research-led teaching draws on the specialist expertise in policy analysis, homelessness and housing rights, social theory, housing and land market analysis.

Business Administration Projects.
Closing date in June for part-time students carried out over 6 months. Closing date in August for full time students carried out over 3 months. Start date Oct 24. Fully Funded.

The project is typically undertaken on a professional consultancy basis. The range of business functions a project can address are diverse and include growth or business development, marketing, operations, strategy and finance. New models or processes can be developed or solutions presented to strategic or operational issues. The final report will be directed at senior management or director level.

Examples of previous projects include:

  • ‘A Strategic Framework for Co-branded Marketing Promotion’ for Polaroid Eyewear
  • ‘Implementing Effective Communication Frameworks to Drive Performance’
  • ‘Differentiation Strategies in a Tightly Regulated, Competitive and Mature Market’ for Aviva
  • ‘Creating a Sales and Marketing Strategy for a Small Technology Company’

Email Jackie today to find out more about these student opportunities.


– £7.5k Standard Innovation Voucher

These vouchers are to encourage new first-time collaboration between SMEs and a Scottish University or College. There are two types of Standard Innovation Vouchers:

  • Product/Process/Service Innovation Voucher
  • Workforce Innovation Voucher
– £7.5k Student Placement Innovation Voucher

These are an opportunity to build on existing relationships between SMEs and a Scottish University or College to continue the development of a Standard Innovation Voucher award.

Depending on the nature of your proposed project we can also look at funding external to Interface such as SMART grants, Innovate UK etc.


Innovation and Research – Higher Education Institutes

  • DMEM Presentation Day
    Friday 10th May, Technology and Innovation Centre, Glasgow
  • Ambition and Impact: International Development Research in Scotland
    Wednesday 15th May, ARC, University of Glasgow

If you’re planning on attending any of these events, reach out, I’d be delighted to hear from you.

If you want to learn more about any of these opportunities, or discover how Interface can help with your business challenges contact Jackie today. Email using the button below, or alternatively reach out by phone on 07813013495.