Scheme at a glance

  • The awards are specifically intended to encourage existing partnerships that have previously collaborated and jointly received funding
  • The innovation voucher programme will draw on a number of funders including Scottish Funding Council, European Regional Development Fund, Highlands & Islands Enterprise, and Scottish Enterprise.
  • The grant award (for an individual project) is for up to £20,000
  • The company must match the value of the grant requested in cash
  • There are set deadlines throughout the year for applications. (However, should you wish to apply for a Follow On Voucher out with the prescribed dates below please contact to discuss the matter.)​
    • 18th January 2019
    • 8th March 2019
    • 26th April 2019
    • 7th June 2019
    • 19th July 2019

Stages of application

  1. Following completion of a Standard Innovation Vouchers project or another funded project the SME and academic partner meet to discuss the Follow On Voucher opportunity.
  2. If you are seeking to prepare a Follow On Voucher application by way of follow on from another type of partnership, to ensure you qualify the academic partner will complete the pre-submission form and send to Interface. 
  3. SME and academic partner fill out the application form and sends to Interface.
  4. Interface reviews and may ask for further information before sending to the Scottish Funding Council.
  5. Applications are assessed by a panel of funders and the Scottish Funding Council communicates the decision.
  6. Collaborative project between academic partner and business commences and a final report is produced on completion of the close out meeting.
  7. On receipt of the final report to Interface the Scottish Funding Council makes payment to the academic partner.