Interface has access to hundreds of academic experts and facilities across all disciplines and covering all industry sectors:

Construction Support

Construction Support Infographic

The construction industry is vital to Scotland’s economy and communities. It impacts environment; private and public building, transport links - the places in which we live and work. 

Creative Industries

Infographic showing the creative industries support offered, including icons and numbers relating to the creative industries

Scotland’s creative industries sector employ over 60,000 people across more than 8,000 businesses and is made up of 13 distinct sectors - advertising, architecture, art and antiques, crafts, design, designer fashion, film, interactive leisure software, music, performing arts, publishing, software and computer services, TV and radio. Developing links with academia can help your business innovate and grow.


Infographic of energy icons and numbers relating to energy sector innovation

Scotland's Energy sector is thriving with huge developments in the Oil & Gas and the Renewables sectors. At Interface we have connections with hundreds of academic experts and unique facilities that will help you to develop your business making you more competitive and profitable.

Engineering and Technology

Infographic of engineering and technology icons and numbers

Developing links with Scotland’s academia can help your business to be at the leading edge of research and development and new technologies, whether you are already operating in the sector or working in another sector and looking to enter the supply chain. 

Environmental and Forestry

Environmental and Forestry Innovation Infographic with icons and numbers

Scotland’s environment and forests are a vital natural asset. If they are looked after and well managed they can produce a huge range of benefits for Scotland’s economy and people.

Financial Services

Infographic of financial service icons and numbers relating to product development in financial services

Financial services in Scotland spans over 300 years thus developing a strong infrastructure including; nearly 86,000 people directly employed, a strong academic research base and a supportive political environment. Overall, Scotland is recognised as one of Europe’s leading financial centres with Edinburgh being the UK’s second financial centre after London, and Europe’s fourth by equity assets.

Food & Drink, Agritech and Aquaculture

Infographic showing drink and food innovation info, and Agritech and Aquaculture icons

Scotland has hundreds of academic experts and facilities useful to the Food & Drink Industry, from new product development and consumer research through to sustainability, waste management and engineering.

Life and Chemical Sciences

Infographic of life and chemical sciences icons and numbers relating to chemical and life science innovation

In Scotland, the life and chemicals science sectors make up two if the biggest sectors. It is broad and diverse and there is innovation and expertise in many areas with an emergent digital health where ICT meets healthcare to refineries and perfumeries.

Social Enterprise and Third Sector

Social Enterprise support and Third Sector support infographic showing icons and numbers

Social Enterprises and organisations in the Third Sector are a crucial part of Scotland's economy and, as with other sectors, Interface are able to provide support so that they too can benefit from academic research and expertise.

Tourism and Leisure

Infographic of Tourism icons and numbers relating to tourism business development and the leisureindustry

Scotland's Tourism industry is thriving and is set for continued growth - there has never been a better time to look at making your business more competitive and Interface can help.