Infographic of construction icons and numbers relating to the construction industry

The construction industry is vital to Scotland’s economy and communities. It impacts environment; private and public building, transport links - the places in which we live and work.

If you are a business or organisation within this sector looking to innovate academia could be a starting point for you to reevaluate, streamline and improve your product, process or service. Recent projects have seen companies looking to academia for expertise, technologies and facilities including:

  • Testing of materials for performance, sustainability, durability and strength   
  • Research into new technologies around low-carbon and sensor development
  • Designing processes where energy efficiencies and cost savings can be made
  • Utilising cutting edge technologies to help with asset monitoring, new materials and processes
  • Assist with asset and management planning
  • Fore sighting of new technologies, processes and design
  • 3D visualisation, haptic technology, augmented reality – visual representation of information

Don’t know where to start?

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