Infographic of life and chemical sciences icons and numbers relating to the life and chemical industries

In Scotland, the life and chemicals science sectors make up two if the biggest sectors. It is broad and diverse and there is innovation and expertise in many areas with an emergent digital health where ICT meets healthcare to refineries and perfumeries.

Developing links with academia could help your business grow and expand in this exciting globally trending market. From informatics to ethics, and engineering to process design; connecting and collaborating with a University could help give your company that innovative edge that it needs. Recent projects have seen companies looking to academia for expertise, technologies and facilities include:

  • Developing new software and its architecture for the management and flow of patient information
  • User authentication interfaces – keep your data safe, improve security and fraud detection
  • Informatics database systems and theory – testing new boundaries and making improvements
  • Database management systems and high-performance computing – the development of methods for detailed data mining analysis
  • Engineering & electronics – designing medical devices, robotic surgeons, process monitoring with cross-disciplinary collaboration
  • Industry-focused art and design – how it looks, to how it works
  • Mobile networks, devices and security - exploring not just the technology but how people interact with it and how it impacts society.
  • Mobile applications their deployment, design and usability
  • Biomechanics and sports - testing the robustness of assisted living design, making it better
  • 3D visualisation, haptic technology, augmented reality – visual representation of information
  • Sensors – collect data and convert into useful intelligent information
  • Ethics and policy – knowledge of the regulatory pitfalls, current opinion and policy

Don’t know where to start?

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If you are looking to upskill or reskill current and new employees, please visit the Life and Chemical Sciences Workforce Development Portal for more information.