Infographic of Social Enterprise and Third Sector icons and numbers relating to the Social Enterprise and Third Sector industries

Social Enterprises and organisations in the Third Sector are a crucial part of Scotland's economy and, as with other sectors, Interface are able to provide support so that they too can benefit from academic research and expertise.

If you are an organisation looking to improve your societal and environmental reach academia could be a starting point for you to reevaluate, streamline and improve your product or service. Recent projects have seen companies looking to academia for expertise, technologies and facilities including:

  • Software & Computer Services – access the latest research and activity in 3D modelling and motion capture to engage your audience
  • Performing arts – Have you considered using arts and culture as a means of social regeneration?
  • Design – Did you know that universities, research institutes and colleges have the latest facilities to help with design and prototyping?
  • Ethics and policy – knowledge of the regulatory pitfalls, current opinion and policy
  • Mobile networks, devices and security - exploring not just the technology but how people interact with it and how it impacts society
  • Market Research – accounting and financial markets research to create practical application of accounting, finance and investment


Don’t know where to start?

Let Interface take some of the time and effort out of developing your ideas by identifying potential academic partners. contact us for more information.