Interface Annual Review 2021/2022

Discover our impact over the last academic year.

We’re delighted to present this year’s annual review and highlight the impact Interface has had on the business-academic landscape over the last 12 months. Discover an overview of our statistics from this period:

  • Interface supported 367 collaborative projects.
  • 94% of requests identified expertise in at least one university, research institute or college.
  • 88% of collaborative projects demonstrated positive environmental and/or societal impacts supporting the Scottish Government’s top priorities of a green recovery, a well-being economy and a just transition to net zero emissions.
  • 39% of organisations continued to work with their academic partner after the initial project.
  • Interface helped business-academic projects with financial support through:
    • 109 Innovation Vouchers = £815K.
    • Advanced Innovation Vouchers = £400K.

Since 2018, as a direct result of Interface projects, there were 457 new/improved products, 342 new/improved processes and 293 new/improved services, and 720 jobs were created or safeguarded.

Interface Annual Review 2021/2022

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During this period we’ve brokered collaborations to create and protect jobs, deliver new products, processes and services, and increase turnover, profits and productivity for organisations. However, there’s more to the Interface story, read now.

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