Glasgow City Region Innovation Action Plan - Stakeholder Consultation

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Regional partners are co-creating a new Innovation Action Plan; a plan that will use our collective creativity and innovation capability to tackle the productivity gap and help realise our climate ambitions. Above all, this plan will support more responsible innovation and contribute to levelling up the longstanding and endemic inequalities of place. And if we get this right, it will enable us to pitch the region domestically and globally as an inclusive, progressive place with a distinctive innovation offer that is open for business.

The Regional Innovation Partnership, Glasgow City of Science and Innovation are arranging a series of Roundtable sessions with selected innovation actors (with a presence in, or a connection to, the Glasgow City Region) to help shape this new plan to progress our diverse innovation economy for productivity, people and planet. You are invited to contribute to this session on: Designing Seamless and Integrated Innovation Support across Key Industries

The Glasgow City Region (GCR) has a remarkable heritage in driving forward new global frontiers in the field of innovation – from the television and ultrasound to the transformational technologies powering today’s industries.

Glasgow became one of the first UK cities to undergo a post-industrial renaissance, and we are now home to a world-class R&D base and one of the most diverse innovation economies in Europe. With the largest academic community outside London, we are developing clusters of strength across a range of specialisms from space and precision medicine to advanced manufacturing and quantum. Critically, we are working to strengthen the interactions between sectors and technologies through market mechanisms, engagement in supply chains, governance and networked infrastructure – notably our innovation districts.

The world knows about Glasgow again and there’s something really exciting happening in the innovation space here. But there is more to do to exploit and develop our rich assets to unlock GCRs innovation potential and create a fairer, greener and more prosperous City region for all our citizens.