Medicines Manufacturing Innovation Foundry, January 2024

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In January 2024, CPI is convening pharma partners, industry, funding
agencies, regulators and, most importantly, innovators for three days of discussion
around technological challenges faced by the industry.

The event will occur over 3 days, with each day covering a different area:

16th January 2024: Sustainability
17th January 2024: New Modalities
18th January 2024: Digital

Innovators, including established SMEs, recent university spin-outs, and academics are invited to showcase their technology at the event in a short pitch
session — an opportunity to give a brief overview of the technology and highlight
its potential applications and impact on pharmaceutical manufacturing.
As an innovator, you will receive valuable feedback on your technology from the
industry and funding body experts, and understand the opportunities for your
technology, the risks to adoption, and existing gaps.

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