Net Zero Food Production – understanding the role of biotechnology webinar

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The Bioeconomy Cluster Builder and the Scotland Food and Drink Partnership Net Zero Programme are delighted to host this webinar dedicated to exchanging knowledge and building connections between food industry and industrial biotechnology (IB) stakeholders.

Biotechnology uses the metabolic processes of plants, fungi, algae and micro-organisms to create valuable products. Traditional examples include baking, brewing and cheese production. However, recent developments have seen innovative applications of IB across the food value chain.

These applications have resulted in improved agricultural yields, alternative proteins such as mycoprotein and cultured meat, sustainable ingredients like flavourings and colourants, and the creation of high value products from waste and co-products. In this way, IB has helped increase efficiency and environmental performance, making significant contributions to the decarbonisation of food production and processing.

Join the webinar on Tuesday 23rd January to learn how biotechnology is transforming food systems and to discover how the Bioeconomy Cluster Builder can help you connect with the right people and resources to support your ambitions in this area.

The Industrial Biotechnology Innovation Centre (IBioIC) is running a dedicated feasibility funding call to complement this event. Grants of up to £10k are available to support industry led collaborations with Scottish academics.