Shaping the Future of Fashion

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How can your clothes be the interface to a better tomorrow?

Edinburgh Futures Institute would like to invite you to consider new ways of considering the clothes you wear as a landscape for technology innovation.

From AI enabled design and co-creation, to robotic textile surfaces, data driven business models and hybrid human experiences across emergent metaverse worlds.

Our requirement to consider sustainable applications for production and consumption of clothing and its potential, leads us to create an event for the hackers, builders, entrepreneurs, material specialists, roboticists, data scientists, anthropologists and fashion experts ready to tackle some of the key challenges of innovating in the sector.

With application across business, care, manufacture, design, material innovations, circular economy, architecture and more, this event aims to collaboratively explore opportunities to re-imagine fashion and technology together at a FashionTech Gathering on 2 December 2022 at the University of Edinburgh entitled ‘Shaping the Future of Fashion’.

As the industry is considering sustainable methods of production, how to harness technology and data to improve production, distribution and customer understanding, we wish to support the journey towards solutions. We need to co-design new circular systems, develop new production methods and the talent that this future needs.

The Institute of Design Informatics recognising these challenges and skills needs is preparing to pilot new Masters opportunities in areas of Fashion Informatics, to which industry can contribute, and in the year ahead draw those skills into your company to undertake a challenge project, and a cohort you can recruit from in the near future.