Sustainable tourism with the National Trust for Scotland - Culloden Cluster

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Scotland’s commitment to reaching Net Zero means that businesses have realised that sustainability is essential to making their business fit for the future.

Whether its reducing carbon emissions, managing resources more efficiently or a commitment towards continuous improvement, introducing changes now will bring many benefits to businesses and also the environment, society and economy.

At this event you will hear from Gail Cleaver, Operations Manager, National Trust for Scotland – Culloden Cluster about how they are developing solutions to ensure more sustainable tourism. You will learn about their e-bike points, and their work to reduce single use plastic, their efforts to source 100% recycled retail products, and learn more about conservation grazing – using livestock to help restore the balance to natural habitats that have become overgrown or in poor quality and increase biodiversity to those areas.

Takeaways from the session:

  • meaning of sustainable tourism
  • practical ideas to reduce carbon emission

Get ready to discuss with your peers about what sustainability means to your organisation and share what actions you are taking to reduce your carbon footprint. Wherever you are in your sustainability journey, this event is for you.

The event will take place online and will be interactive with group discussion, Q&A and networking opportunities.