Transforming your Business with 5G

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5G technology offers more than just improved mobile phone connections. Companies of all sizes across the world are embracing 5G technology to take advantage of the benefits it enables. If you are looking to increase efficiency, reduce costs, improve and future-proof your systems, operations and products, then The Scotland 5G Centre (S5GC) is here to help you unlock the transformational benefits that 5G has to offer.

Businesses are invited to join this event and workshops series and hear about the free range of support services and access to state-of-the-art 5G testbeds. You will also find out how 5G is being used in industry, for example within manufacturing, logistics, healthcare, and agriculture to drive efficiencies and cut costs.

This event comes in two parts.

Part 1, is an event on the 17th April 2023, and will provide information and examples of how 5G is transforming businesses as well showing how the Scotland 5G Centre can help.

Part 2, a series of 121 private sessions running from April until September and providing you with the opportunity to have a private consultation with one of our Business Engagement Managers (at your local S5GC innovation) and discuss how you can test the application of 5G to a specific business need or challenge.

Come along to this event on 17th April and discover how 5G can transform your organization.

What can you expect from the event?

  • Engage with The Scotland 5G Centre and find out how it can help your business
  • Explore the benefits that 5G is bringing across multiple industry sectors and places across the UK.
  • Discover the opportunities available to Scottish Businesses through our free to use S5GConnect Programme and innovation hubs.
  • Preview innovative 5G use cases, that show how 5G is transforming everyday business operations
  • Discuss how we can support your business needs, challenges and opportunities and gain free access to our 5G testbeds