Digital Health Institute calls for innovative ideas and solutions

The Digital Health Institute (DHI), a collaborative partnership between public and private organisations, brings together the country's leading health and care operators and engages global businesses to speed up research and development. It aims to produce innovative new technologies that will transform the quality of people's lives and help Scotland become an exporter of world-leading products and services.

The DHI will be hosting its first ‘Call for Innovation Proposals’ from the 30 January 2014 for 3 weeks.

This is a great opportunity for everyone willing to be part of the Digital Health innovation community to submit a proposal that presents an idea, challenge, solution or opportunity that could potentially become a DHI Project.

Successful projects will benefit from DHI expertise as well as in kind contributions from enabling partners across all sectors. Applications, where appropriate, may also receive DHI funding for the academic costs of participation. We encourage applications from multi sector teams (Academic, Business and Civic perspectives) as these tend to demonstrate the innovation and industry-led impact at the heart of the DHI values.

Please note that when applying to the call, you will need to provide your membership number. We invite you to apply for DHI Membership at

Speaking at the NHS Improving Procurement event at the Beardmore Hotel and Conference Centre, Justene Ewing, CEO, DHI said:

“A significant amount of work has been done by all of the partners in DHI to establish a truly innovative organisation that will have a major impact on health in Scotland. By enabling Scotland's health and care professionals and our academics to effectively collaborate with the world’s leading technology companies and Scottish SMEs we will support transformations in efficiency, improve patient care and solve long-standing issues in the health and care sectors. We now have an open door and are officially open for business, it’s a very exciting time. ”

A ‘drop-in’ day will be held on the 8th floor of Appleton Tower, 11 Crichton Street, Edinburgh on the 11th February 2014 from 10-4pm. This will provide an ideal opportunity for potential DHI Project participants to come and meet the DHI engagement team and know more about the DHI, its role and services available.

For more details about this event please click here