Interface Multiparty Funding Call 2018/19

Interface Multiparty Funding Call 2018/19

Interface have launched a multiparty funding call for three individual awards of £10,000 – one for each of the following sectors: Creative industries, Food & Drink and Tourism.




Awards will be made for multiparty collaborative projects pursuing the following themes and which will lead to transformation in their sector or sub sector:

Creative industries - Harnessing data

Food & Drink - Integrity across the supply chain

Tourism - Circular economy

These specific themes have been agreed for each sector following consultation with our strategic industry partners. They have been selected as they each align with their sector’s strategic priorities, provide scope for disruptive activity, have transformational potential for the sector (or sub-sector) and align with wider government economic policy.

Groups collaborating on the project must involve a minimum of two companies (i.e. lead company plus one other company) and the academic partner. Each of the three awards will be up to £10,000 in value. This will cover academic project costs (ie time, facilities and consumables) required by the university in order to carry out the project and disseminate the project findings to the wider industry. The award will be paid directly to the university. The companies will contribute an equal value in kind (such as staff time, materials or equipment) and/or in cash.
Companies are encouraged to provide additional funding in cash and in so doing increase the scale of the collaborative project

A number of Expressions of Interests have now been received and full applications are being written up. However, if you are still looking to apply here is the full application form, guidance notes and collaboration agreements, we would recommend you contact a member of the Sector Engagement Team who will be able to provide support.  Please submit your full application forms by 5pm on Wednesday 10th October to