#MatchedByInterface companies in the news

27th May 2024

Clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company EnteroBiotix recently received £27m of investment to enable the organisation to launch Phase 2 of their clinical trials. Congratulations to the business who were matched by Interface to work on collaboration projects with the University of Dundee and Glasgow Caledonian University. 

Congratulations to the following recipients of SMART grant awards granted to companies in Scotland from March 2023 to March 2024, as well as some matched by Interface companies that received major R&D grant awards over the same time period:

  • Ace Aquatech who received £500k
  • Danu Robotics who received £100k
  • E.V.A Biosystems who received £97k
  • Eolas Insight Ltd who received £99k
  • Green Bioactives Ltd who received £100k
  • Habitat Learn Ltd who received £100k
  • Imrandd Ltd who received £100k
  • Intelligent Growth Solutions who received £1.9m
  • Kingdom Technologies who received £485k
  • Orange Matter who received £32k
  • Vistalworks who received £97k